Crucial Device is a guitar driven synth-punk band formed in 2022 by Steve Saputelli, leader of the 90’s industrial-cyberpunk originators Punch Drunk. Steve began his musical journey as a touring teenage bassist in Philly punk bands, he was early into drum machine sequencing and electronic music technology. As the great-nephew of Philadelphia Orchestra Cellist William Saputelli, Steve's output has an underground multi-instrumentalist, production enthusiast and artist has born a variety of albums, videos, graphics and installations over the years…he once built and performed with his own home-made animatronic, signal controlled band members! Associated bands: Punch Drunk, C.O.S., Deathtrip, Deadspot, Obomatic, Steve-o-lution Dawn, Klockenhouzer, Voltheque, Worst Ones.

Joining Steve on guitar and composition is veteran musician and circuit bender David Talento (Music For Isolation Tanks, Tony Violence, Altruistic Suicide and live player for Philly cult faves Muscle Factory and David E. Willams)

Completing the line up is scene historian, die-hard music maker, scratch battle victor and drum percussionist Paul Doppleganga (Replikant, Worst Ones, Klockenhouzer) on live electronic drums and additional composition. 

"Guitars drive and thrash, classic but industrially enhanced hardcore beats flail, staccato and distorted vocals become sustained and vocoded, and an electrified forward moving punk sound emerges.

With lyrical content expressing allegiance to an imagined genre and anesthetized commentary on our dystopian grind,  delivered in a forward moving ball of fun and fury, Crucial Device are taking 'synth-punk' to the next level!" ~Reaktor

‘In this formation they seek the coveted mechanism, search for the super thing, and scan the horizon for the…crucial device!’ ~ Cruciacrates  (descendent of Socrates)

Contact Steve: 267-975-6200